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We can help you with a list of needs including:

– LASIK– Eye Exams– Eye Emergencies
– Dry Eyes– Corrective Lenses– Glaucoma Specialist
– Ortho K Contacts– Sports Vision– Saturday Appointments

We use state–of–the–art technology

optomap retinal image of the entire eye

Optomap Retinal Exam

Dr. Bevil uses the Optomap technology as a valuable tool to exam your health and to help him discern treatment options for his patients. The Optomap is used to test for retinal tears, diabetes, high cholesterol, as well as high blood pressure, headaches, and even cancer. As a bonus, dilating your pupils is a thing of the past with this comprehensive eye exam. The Optomap’s laser scan shows Dr. Bevil an ultra–wide view of the health of your entire eye, from the cornea (the front of the eye), to the retina (the very back of the eye). Your Optomap exam is quick and painless and the test results are instantaneous. Dr. Bevil will be able to exam and go over your results immediately.

Ortho K: Non-Surgical Alternative for Glasses or Contacts

Orthokeratology (Ortho K), a temporary refractive procedure, eliminates the need to wear glasses or contacts during the day. Ortho K uses rigid gas–permeable contact lenses that can be safely worn at night. As you are sleeping, the customized lenses painlessly reshape your cornea without having the need for surgery. During the day, the lenses are removed and you have good vision without your glasses. This is an alternative to LASIK and is completely reversible. Schedule your appointment to set up your eye exam to see if you are a candidate.

iCare eye pressure measuring device to test for glaucoma

Glaucoma Pressure Testing

No more fretting about getting a big puff of air blown into your eye! Dr. Bevil uses the latest technology to measure your IOP (intraocular pressure) with the Tonomotor from iCare. This little device completely eliminates the need for anesthesia or the puff of air to measure your eye pressure. With the Tonomotor, Dr. Bevil will very lightly, and gently, make contact with your cornea — Voila! You probably won‘t even feel it.

LASIK Surgery Options

Eliminate your need to wear glasses and contacts. LASIK surgery uses a laser to shape your cornea so the retina has more focused light directed to it and eliminates the need for glasses and contacts. As a board certified Therapeutic Eye Specialist, Dr. Bevil helps his patients make the right choices with LASIK surgery. As an affiliate with Cornea Associates of Texas, Dr. Bevil is your first step to a life independent of glasses.

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